Metro: Istanbul has a small but well-functioning metro system that started operating in 2000. Here are the functioning Metro lines:

M1 – This line operates between Atatürk International Airport and Aksaray in Fatih, where you can join the tramway at the nearby Yusufpaşa stop to Sultanahmet and Beyoğlu.

M2 – Since February 15 2014, this line uses the new Golden Horn Metro bridge and operates between Yenikapı and Hacıosman, with stops in Haliç, Şişhane (close to Tünel/Galata), Taksim Square, Osmanbey (close to Nişantaşı), Şişi/Mecideyköy, Gayrettep, Levent, 4. Levent, Sanayı, Seyrantepe, İTÜ, Atatürk Oto Sanayı, and Daruşşafaka.

M3 – Since June 2013, this line runs between Kirazli-Bağcilar to Başakşehir-Metrokant or Olimpiyat,

M4 – Since August 2012, this lines runs between Kadiköy and Kartal (this is the only full-scale Metro line that runs on the Asian side).

M5 — The M5 has a total of 16 stations (between Usküdar and Çekmeköy). Together with these 16 stations, eight more are planned within the M5’s eastward extension to Sultanbeyli.

M6 – Since April 19 2015, this is a light-metro line that connects Levent metro station with the Bosphorus district of Etiler and Bosphorus University.


These are the disposable paper electronic fare cards for a pre-determined number of trips:

BIRGeç Fares 1; Price TL5; Cost per ride TL5.00
BIRGeç Fares 2; Price TL8; Cost per ride TL4.00

BIRGeç Fares 3; Price TL11; Cost per ride TL3.67

BIRGeç Fares 5; Price TL17; Cost per ride TL3.40

BIRGeç Fares 10; Price TL32; Cost per ride TL3.20


You can buy disposable fare cards from Biletmatik machines (which issues the above-mentioned paper electronic fare cards.


The following web link show a map of the Istanbul Metro system:

Marmaray Line — this is not technically a Metro line, but it is an underground rail link between the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. The line goes beneath the Bosphorus, connecting Sirkeci near Sultanahmet to Üsküdar on the Asian side. Some engineers have expressed concerns about earthquake security, but it has improved mobility between the two continents.